City and state proclamations – those that “proclaim” a specific day, week or month such as World AIDS Day or Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for example – are an excellent vehicle for securing recognition of one’s program. Getting a proclamation is much easier than the novice might imagine. Below are a few easy steps you might follow that have proven successful for others.

Know in advance what it is that you want. Include draft language and any background information that will support your request. (A sample letter of request and sample proclamation are included in this section that can be tailored to your specific needs.)

Have a proposal in mind for how and when the proclamation would be officially presented (e.g. at an open house, at a press conference). Invite an official to present the proclamation at a specific event, one that is the most public and offers the most potential for press coverage. Aim high; ask for the mayor, the governor, or whoever is the highest ranking official in the body to whom you are making your request.

Know to whom the request should be officially made (name and title of mayor, city council member, governor, assembly person, etc.) and to whom the request should be sent for processing. With some patience and time to make a handful of telephone calls, the correct office can usually be identified and often it will have standard procedures for issuance of official proclamations. For a city proclamation, start with a call to the Office of the Mayor; for a state proclamation, try the Office of the Governor or the Office of the Chief of Protocol. For City Councils and State Assemblies, begin with a call to the Office of the Chairperson or President.

Unless the governing body to which you are making the request has a policy against or limiting the number of proclamations, they are NOT hard to get. Getting an official to attend your event, even as a “drop-by” can be trickier, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work the first year. A written proclamation has a shelf-life and is proof that your program has merit. Be sure to say “thank you.”

Sample Letter to Request Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day Proclamation

Dear Mayor/Governor___________:

On behalf of [organization name], I am writing to request your proclamation of October 24, 201X, as Acupuncture Medicine Day in the city/state of ______________.

Acupuncture Medicine Day is designed to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day is supported by a unique international partnership of organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. These organizations include professional associations and educational institutions.

Acupuncture Medicine Day offers a rare opportunity to focus attention on the long and rich history of these traditional forms of health care.

[Organization Name] is participating in this year’s Acupuncture Medicine Day by (briefly describe your program here).

In recognition of the growing importance of acupuncture medicine in the lives of our citizens, we ask that the city/state of ______ issue a proclamation for Acupuncture Medicine Day, October 24. We would be particularly honored to have you present this proclamation at (describe the event at which you would like the proclamation read).

Background material about the proposed program, as well as sample language that might be helpful in drafting a proclamation, is attached. We look forward to working with your office on this important endeavor and in representing our city/state in this major international campaign.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Signature and title]

Sample Acupuncture Medicine Day Proclamation

WHEREAS acupuncture medicine have a long and rich history as components of a comprehensive traditional medical system that has been used for thousands of years to diagnose and treat illness, prevent disease and improve well-being; and

WHEREAS practitioners of acupuncture medicine are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and maintain these standards through education, credentialing and a personal commitment; and

WHEREAS millions of Americans seek the services of acupuncture medicine practitioners each year; and

WHEREAS it is vital that those in need of medical services understand the full realm of available modalities and seek competent and professional care;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I,_____________________________ (Governor/Mayor/Municipal leader) of __________________________ (State or City), do hereby proclaim October 24 to be Acupuncture Medicine Day, and I encourage all citizens to learn more about the potential benefits of acupuncture medicine.

____________________________________ (Signature of Governor/Mayor/Municipal leader)


You are invited to link to the Acupuncture Medicine Day web site and to use this free graphic.

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