Acupuncture Medicine Day provides an excellent opportunity for you or your organization to garner local media coverage. Media coverage can broaden the reach of any public program. In a competitive news environment, attracting the media can be a challenge, and even the most well orchestrated media approach may not be successful. But, the effort should be made.

In working with the media directly, there are a few guidelines one should follow:

  1. Contact your local media outlets to find out who is the best person to receive your news release and the best way to send it (i.e. fax, email, regular mail) – be sure to get the correct spelling of that person’s name. In most cases you will be instructed to send your release to an editor or producer who covers health news. You should also ask if there is someone who coordinates a calendar of events listing and send your release to that person as well. Remember to include all potential outlets (radio, television, newspapers, etc.) in your outreach efforts.
  2. News releases should be sent at least one to two weeks in advance. Earlier is better if you are trying to get an event included in a calendar listing.
  3. You should feel free to make a follow up call to your media contacts after your release is sent. It is best to call before noon since most media outlets are on deadlines in the afternoon. Be polite.Here is a sample news release to help guide you. Your news release should be printed on your letterhead.SAMPLE PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 Contact: [Name and phone number][Date the release is sent]


    [City, State] – It is estimated that as many as 43% of Americans have used or are currently using some form of complementary or alternative therapy such as acupuncture medicine. In recognition of this fact and in support of Acupuncture Medicine Day, [Name of practitioner/organization] is sponsoring a free lecture.

    WHEN: [Date, time]

    LOCATION: [Street address, room name/number, etc.]

    DESCRIPTION: [Include here a brief description of the program, specific topic(s) to be discussed, and any registration information]

    [Insert paragraph about practitioner/organization]

    Acupuncture Medicine Day, officially observed on October 24, is part of an effort to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of acupuncture and Herbal medicine. Acupuncture Medicine Day is supported through a unique international partnership of organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The partnership includes professional associations, research organizations and educational institutions.


You are invited to link to the Acupuncture Medicine Day web site and to use this free graphic.

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