My fiance and I were trying

My fiance and I were trying to conceive through IVF with an egg donor. I was on fertility hormones but the lining in my uterus was not getting thick enough to carry an embryo. After some of my own research and searching on the internet I read that acupuncture could help me. I made an appointment with a recommended acupuncturist and was very excited to see what she could offer me! Her presence is so calming and comforting I just knew I had found the best person for us. So after about 8 months of acupuncture and herbs and multiple trips to Duke Fertility to test the thickness of my lining it finally reached a sufficient thickness to move forward with IVF. At the end of January 2012 we were scheduled to do the embryo transfer. My acupuncturist made a house call to our home to give me an acupuncture treatment before our trip to Duke Fertility for the transfer! She also came back to our house after the transfer to give me more acupuncture. I rested the rest of the day and after a long two weeks I went in for a blood pregnancy test and we were PREGNANT!!! I truly believe that without my acupuncturist and everything she did for me, we would not have our beautiful 4 year old son today. After four years of not seeing my acupuncturist, I went back to see her because I was having major hormone and possible thyroid issues. She took a look at my tongue, gave me some herbs and in less than a week I was feeling almost like new. I feel so lucky to have my acupuncturist in my life!


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