I am 65, and when

I am 65, and when I first went to my acupuncturist 15 months ago, was suffering from a wide range of physical and emotional issues. Today I feel like a new woman and have a fresh, new outlook on life. I have regained my vitality, am free from pain medications, move with greater flexibility, and have increased endurance. I connect better with people and am happier with myself. Since others have provided wonderful, detailed testimonies about their individual issues and recoveries, I will try instead to offer some insights into the treatment process itself for those of you who may be considering acupuncture for the first time. Acupuncture may be new to us, but it is a very old practice. It has been around for at least 2,500 years and has been in use for decades all over the world. Numerous well respected studies have shown its benefits. Acupuncture treatments are not painful. I like to relax on the treatment table with my eyes closed, and I often do not even know where or when the needles are inserted. A few will ping, then the sensation evaporates. I would add that every needle has been sterilized by the manufacturer, comes in its own sealed package, and is disposed of properly after a single use. My acupuncturist makes every effort to ensure my comfort. This includes providing a treatment room that is both ultra clean and homelike, offering cushions for more comfortable alignment on the table, adjusting room temperature and lighting according to my preferences, offering a heat lamp for my back or feet -I highly recommend! and even offering a variety of music from his amazing library to enhance the acupuncture experience. My acupuncturist stresses that the treatment session belongs fully to me. When I need to talk about things before the treatment begins, he gives me his undivided attention and provides thoughtful, practical responses. I am comforted to know that he and I are full partners in the healing process. He is also a superb massage therapist. It is not a spa-type massage – it is a Chinese medical massage. You may be surprised at the difference, but will be hugely thankful if you try it. I find that the time it takes to fully realize the benefits of treatments can vary. Sometimes I feel the results immediately. Sometimes it is the next day. Sometimes it is a cumulative process. But I always leave the office with a wonderful sense of calm and well-being and always experience relief and improvements. Remember, acupuncture activates your brain and nervous system so that your own body can begin the process of healing itself. For me, acupuncture has served as the gateway to the larger universe of therapeutic Chinese medical practices – all compatible with established Western medicine. I am now benefiting tremendously from meditation classes, qigong and tai chi instruction, diet improvement and carefully chosen herbs and supplements. All of these avenues may not be for you, but you may want to pursue at least some to enhance your healing and quality of life. So I say, do not hesitate to try acupuncture. I truly believe your life will be blessed as much as mine has!

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