I am a 53 year old grandmother

I am a 53 year old grandmother and mother of an 8 year old. For 35 years I have suffered bladder, urethra infections and polyps with extreme discomfort that came and went frequently and continually. After several surgeries, medical doctors were unable to correct my problems, so I simply learned to cope with them using various natural methods. However my dilemma remained and was a constant one. I made an effort with a holistic doctor, spending several thousand dollars on whole food supplements again, no help. Until the age of 53, I had always been an exceedingly good sleeper with only occasional, very mild and brief hot flashes. The week I turned 53, my body made a shift. I began waking up every hour, with extreme hot flashes and drenching sweats. I absolutely could not sleep. This went on for 10 days. The bladder issue was one thing, but not being able to sleep at my age with an 8 year old to keep up with was something all together different. I needed help desperately and swiftly, so I decided to contact a highly recommended acupuncturist in my area. (She had been highly recommended to me by a friend.) I immediately made an appointment and left the office the first time with two bottles of herbs. One bottle was specifically for my bladder, urethra issue. That night I slept fairly well, with no sweats or hot flashes. The next night and every night after that, I was back to my genuine, sound sleep. The hot flashes and sweats are completely gone. My urethra issue is substantially better, and I am only taking one herb tablet about every 10-14 days, which is a much smaller dosage than the other natural methods I had been using. It is truly a wonderful feeling to know that there is a doctor out there who can offer an affordable remedy. For that, I am extremely appreciative.


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