I am writing on behalf

I am writing on behalf of the incredible change that Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture and Massage Therapy has made in my life! Please allow me to share my story. Over 2 years ago, I had to undergo back surgery to take out a severe herniated disc in my lower back. I was living in continuous pain prior, and could hardly walk and do any daily activities. After my surgery, I was continuously sick. contracting pneumonia twice, the flu, EBV virus. I did not have the energy to do anything anymore and my daily living was severely compromised, also having to go to part-time working. Depression was a constant. Nearly 2 years later and going to see nearly every medical specialist there was, (all the while undergoing very uncomfortable tests), I happened to come upon a doctor in my town credentialed in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The chinese herbs prescribed for me have in addition brought me so much more energy, and nearly all of my previous symptoms are nearly gone. In addition to the herbs, I receive acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy which have helped the pain in my back. I am urging you to consider and highly enforce the addition of this therapy to any insurance company. The difference it has made in my life is unbelievable, I feel as though my life has been given back. Furthermore, those who have accomplished the education to make a difference in so many peoples lives with their knowledge and degree in Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture should be included in the world of medical physicians and the insurance companies.

Chronic Pain

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